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Red Bull
Grand prix starts (as a team): 244
Driver grand prix starts (for the team): 488
Wins: 55
Podiums: 148
Fastest laps: 54
Nationality: Austrian
Wikipedia: Red Bull

All time team rank for Red Bull per points scoring system
Points systemRank*Total points*
25 points system - 2010 - 2017 excluding 201454322
25 points sys + last GP 2x - 2014 - 201454573
10 points system extended - 2003 - 200951717.5
10 points system - 1991 - 200261246.5
9 points system - 1961 - 199061191.5
8 points system extended - 1960 - 196061136.5
8 points sys + fastest lap - 1950 - 195961169
*click rank or points for life time GP breakdown of Red Bull.

Life time stats for Red Bull
Total GPs488
Average wins / GP0.11
Average podiums / GP0.3
Fastest laps54
Best position in a grand prix1
Team in current seasonyes
First season of team2005
Last season of team2017
Number of seasons in formula 1 13
Drivers that competed for Red Bull - career overview
   Driver   Points   Seasons   Wins   Podiums   Fastest laps   GPs   Points / GP
Sebastian Vettel1695638652411315
Mark Webber11487941191298.9
Daniel Ricciardo77445279799.8
Max Verstappen35923112379.7
David Coulthard1804020712.54
Daniil Kvyat1162020235.04
Christian Klien442000291.52
Vitantonio Liuzzi6100041.5
Robert Doornbos0100030

Drivers that competed for Red Bull - points per season
 DriverSeasons (points)
Christian Klien2x - 2005 (36), 2006 (8)
Daniel Ricciardo4x - 2014 (226), 2015 (92), 2016 (256), 2017 (200)
Daniil Kvyat2x - 2015 (95), 2016 (21)
David Coulthard4x - 2005 (69), 2006 (44), 2007 (39), 2008 (28)
Mark Webber7x - 2007 (35), 2008 (65), 2009 (170), 2010 (242), 2011 (258), 2012 (179), 2013 (199)
Max Verstappen2x - 2016 (191), 2017 (168)
Robert Doornbos1x - 2006 (0)
Sebastian Vettel6x - 2009 (206), 2010 (256), 2011 (392), 2012 (281), 2013 (397), 2014 (163)
Vitantonio Liuzzi1x - 2005 (6)

Wins for Red Bull
120096x - China, Great Britain, Germany, Japan, Brazil, Abu Dhabi
220109x - Malaysia, Spain, Monaco, Europe, Great Britain, Hungary, Japan, Brazil, Abu Dhabi
3201112x - Australia, Malaysia, Turkey, Spain, Monaco, Europe, Belgium, Italy, Singapore, Korea, India, Brazil
420127x - Bahrain, Monaco, Great Britain, Singapore, Japan, Korea, India
5201313x - Malaysia, Bahrain, Canada, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Singapore, Korea, Japan, India, Abu Dhabi, United States, Brazil
620143x - Canada, Hungary, Belgium
720162x - Spain, Malaysia
820173x - Azerbaijan, Malaysia, Mexico

1-2 finishes for Red Bull
120094x - China, Great Britain, Germany, Abu Dhabi
220104x - Malaysia, Monaco, Japan, Brazil
320113x - Turkey, Belgium, Brazil
420121x - Korea
520134x - Malaysia, Japan, Abu Dhabi, Brazil
620161x - Malaysia

Fastest laps for Red Bull
120096x - Abu Dhabi, Great Britain, Japan, Brazil, Belgium, Hungary
220106x - Hungary, Japan, Germany, Monaco, Australia, Malaysia
3201110x - Korea, India, Brazil, Belgium, Abu Dhabi, Malaysia, Europe, Turkey, China, Monaco
420127x - Japan, United States, Abu Dhabi, Korea, Hungary, Bahrain, Canada
5201312x - Singapore, Korea, Brazil, Belgium, Japan, United States, China, Hungary, Monaco, Bahrain, Great Britain, Canada
620143x - Abu Dhabi, Spain, United States
720153x - Singapore, Monaco, Hungary
820165x - Mexico, Brazil, Singapore, Germany, Australia
920172x - Brazil, Italy

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