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Ever wanted to apply a non-standard point system to figure something out, a nagging what-if or just to see what would have been the outcome if things were different? Use the points simulator to create your of points selection for a points scoring system. Provide your points per position and hit simulate! Note, you can use 'TAB' to easily cycle through the fields. If you want to reset, just click the logo and return to the simulator page.

Selected non F1 PSS: Formula E championship
In Formula E points are awarded from position 1 to 10. Similar to the F1 points scoring system since 2010 (excluding 2014). In addition points are awarded for fastest lap. Note: 3 points are awarded for pole position, this is not applied in the simulator.
Position 1
Position 2
Position 3
Position 4
Position 5
Position 6
Position 7
Position 8
Position 9
Position 10
Position 11
Position 12
Position 13
Position 14
Position 15
Position 16
Position 17
Position 18
Position 19
Position 20
Position 21
Position 22
Position 23
Position 24
Points multiplier for last x GPs
Last x GPs points multiplied
Points per fastest lap

Create your own point scoring system. You have several options:
  • You can create your very own PSS by using the fields.
  • You can use a existing F1 PSS by using the right menu
  • You can select a non-F1 PSS by using the non-F1-PSS menu.
  • Points only: the outcomes of the simulator show the points achieved under your custom PSS. It does not reflect championship positions. Refer for championship details to the definitions.
  • Classified: it does (as the rest of this site) account for classified positions. This means that a position only receives points if the driver got classified during the GP (driver completed 90% of the laps of the race winner). Click a specific GP to see the details.
  • You can use TAB to cycle through the fields. And if you want a reset, just click the logo