Formula 1 points // season. Real comparison from 1950 to today. Transparent and fair.

The formula 1 season section provides the possibility to compare seasons over point systems. This view compares the selected F1 points scoring system for season 2017 against the original F1 point scoring system of this season. Note; this is based on points only, for impact on championship see the per season section.

Overview of season 2017.
Original point scoring system for this season: 25 points system (2010 - 2017) (exluding 2014)

   Position   Driver   Total   Points under selected PSS   Position under selected PSS   Change
1Lewis Hamilton2632631no change
2Sebastian Vettel2352352no change
3Valtteri Bottas2122123no change
4Daniel Ricciardo1621624no change
5Kimi Räikkönen1381385no change
6Max Verstappen68686no change
7Sergio Perez68687no change
8Esteban Ocon56568no change
9Carlos Sainz48489no change
10Nico Hulkenberg343410no change
11Felipe Massa313111no change
12Lance Stroll282812no change
13Romain Grosjean262613no change
14Kevin Magnussen111114no change
15Fernando Alonso101015no change
16Jolyon Palmer8816no change
17Stoffel Vandoorne7717no change
18Pascal Wehrlein5518no change
19Daniil Kvyat4419no change
20Paul di Resta0020no change
21Marcus Ericsson0021no change
22Antonio Giovinazzi0022no change
23Jenson Button0023no change

In the PSS comparison view, drivers are compared for the points scoring system (PSS) in place at the season versus the selected points scoring system.
  • Differences are highlighted. Orange means higher than the original points scoring system. Gray means lower.
  • You can cycle through the seasons using the links above and below the table.
  • Please note that in some cases, the overview does not always exactly match championship outcomes. This is due to additional rules for certain seasons as to how many results can be attributed to the championship.