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The formula 1 points overview of United States. The nation view provides the overview of all F1 drivers from that nation. The F1 points, F1 championships, F1 wins, podiums and fastest laps achieved.

Nation overall stats overview
StatTotalAverage / Grand prixAverage / Driver
Fastest laps360.030.231
Total grand prix1218-7.8

Driver points for United States
   Nr   Driver   Total points   % of nation points   Total GPs
1Mario Andretti67015.8%129
2Dan Gurney49011.6%86
3Richie Ginther4049.5%54
4Phil Hill3658.6%48
5Eddie Cheever3598.5%137
6Peter Revson2305.4%31
7Harry Schell201.54.8%58
8Masten Gregory1092.6%41
9Jim Rathmann922.2%11
10Jimmy Bryan661.6%9
11Sam Hanks65.51.5%8
12Bill Vukovich501.2%5
13Mark Donohue491.2%15
14Rodger Ward471.1%12
15Michael Andretti411%13
16Tony Bettenhausen38.70.9%11
17Johnnie Parsons380.9%9
18Johnny Thomson370.9%8
19Jim Hall360.8%11
20Duane Carter35.50.8%8
21Paul Russo330.8%8
22Bob Sweikert330.8%5
23Lee Wallard330.8%2
24Jack McGrath32.50.8%6
25Troy Ruttman320.8%8
26Johnny Boyd310.7%6
27Andy Linden300.7%8
28Art Cross280.7%4
29Mike Nazaruk280.7%3
30Don Freeland270.6%8
31Pat Flaherty270.6%6
32George Follmer250.6%12
33Paul Goldsmith250.6%3
34Bob Bondurant220.5%9
35Brett Lunger210.5%38
36Danny Sullivan200.5%15
37George Amick180.4%1
38Bill Holland180.4%2
39Eddie Johnson170.4%9
40Jimmy Reece160.4%6
41Jimmy Davies160.4%5
42Mauri Rose150.4%2
43Ronnie Bucknum140.3%11
44Fred Agabashian140.3%8
45Don Branson120.3%2
46Bob Veith120.3%5
47Cecil Green120.3%2
48Walt Faulkner110.3%5
49Walt Hansgen100.2%2
50Dick Rathmann100.2%5
51Jimmy Daywalt100.2%6
52Bobby Ball100.2%2
53Pete Lovely80.2%11
54Carroll Shelby80.2%8
55Pat O'Connor80.2%5
56Fred Wacker80.2%3
57George Connor80.2%3
58Henry Banks80.2%3
59Manny Ayulo7.50.2%4
60Hap Sharp70.2%6
61Jacques Swaters70.2%7
62Scott Speed60.1%28
63Danny Ongais60.1%4
64Roger Penske60.1%2
65Lloyd Ruby60.1%2
66Al Herman60.1%5
67Harry Blanchard60.1%1
68Marshall Teague60.1%4
69Carl Forberg60.1%1
70Bill Homeier50.1%3
71Joie Chitwood50.1%1
72Jud Larson40.1%2
73Ernie McCoy40.1%2
74Cliff Griffith30.1%3
75Bud Tingelstad20%1
76Jerry Hoyt20%4
77John Fitch20%2
78Larry Crockett20%1
79Gene Hartley1.70%9
80Chuck Daigh10%5
81Bob Christie10%5
82A J Foyt10%3
83Bill Cheesbourg10%3
84Cal Niday10%3
85Chuck Stevenson0.70%5
86Kevin Cogan00%1
87Bobby Rahal00%2
88Skip Barber00%6
89Sam Posey00%1
90Gus Hutchison00%1
91Bobby Unser00%1
92Mike Fisher00%2
93Tom Jones00%1
94Tony Settember00%7
95Frank Dochnal00%1
96Jay Chamberlain00%3
97Timmy Mayer00%1
98Lance Reventlow00%2
99Red Amick00%2
100Bobby Grim00%2
101Shorty Templeman00%3
102Jim Hurtubise00%1
103Eddie Sachs00%4
104Wayne Weiler00%1
105Eddie Russo00%4
106Gene Force00%2
107Jim McWithey00%2
108Len Sutton00%3
109Dempsey Wilson00%2
110Fred Gamble00%1
111Chuck Arnold00%1
112Al Keller00%5
113Ray Crawford00%3
114Jack Turner00%4
115Chuck Weyant00%4
116Mike Magill00%3
117George Constantine00%1
118Bob Said00%1
119Bruce Kessler00%1
120Johnnie Tolan00%3
121Billy Garrett00%2
122Ed Elisian00%5
123Jerry Unser00%1
124Art Bisch00%1
125Don Edmunds00%1
126Elmer George00%1
127Herbert MacKay-Fraser00%1
128Duke Dinsmore00%4
129Keith Andrews00%2
130Jimmy Jackson00%2
131Frank Armi00%1
132Spider Webb00%4
133Len Duncan00%1
134Duke Nalon00%3
135Carl Scarborough00%2
136Bob Scott00%4
137Jim Rigsby00%1
138Joe James00%2
139Bill Schindler00%3
140George Fonder00%3
141Johnny McDowell00%3
142Chet Miller00%2
143Robert O'Brien00%1
144Bill Mackey00%1
145Walt Brown00%2
146Mack Hellings00%2
147Myron Fohr00%1
148Walt Ader00%1
149Jackie Holmes00%2
150Bayliss Levrett00%1
151Bill Cantrell00%1
152Johnny Mantz00%1
153Danny Kladis00%1
154Alexander Rossi00%5
155Bob Drake00%1
Champions for United States
NrDriverChampionshipsChampionships %
1Mario Andretti150%
1Phil Hill150%

Wins for United States

Podiums for United States

Fastest laps for United States
NrDriverFastest lapsFastest laps %
1Mario Andretti1027.8%
2Phil Hill616.7%
2Dan Gurney616.7%
4Richie Ginther38.3%
4Bill Vukovich38.3%
6Jim Rathmann25.6%
7Jack McGrath12.8%
7Lee Wallard12.8%
7Johnnie Parsons12.8%
7Paul Russo12.8%
7Tony Bettenhausen12.8%
7Johnny Thomson12.8%

Location of United States

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