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The formula 1 points overview of Great Britain. The nation view provides the overview of all F1 drivers from that nation. The F1 points, F1 championships, F1 wins, podiums and fastest laps achieved.

Nation overall stats overview
StatTotalAverage / Grand prixAverage / Driver
Fastest laps2270.0561.419
Total grand prix4032-25.2

Driver points for Great Britain
   Nr   Driver   Total points   % of nation points   Total GPs
1Lewis Hamilton296014.5%208
2Jenson Button1836.59%307
3David Coulthard17208.4%246
4Nigel Mansell15007.4%191
5Jackie Stewart11095.4%99
6Damon Hill10915.4%122
7Graham Hill10435.1%178
8Jim Clark8254.1%72
9Eddie Irvine7893.9%147
10John Watson729.53.6%153
11John Surtees6543.2%112
12James Hunt6203%92
13Stirling Moss5692.8%67
14Martin Brundle5452.7%162
15Johnny Herbert5302.6%162
16Mike Hawthorn445.52.2%45
17Derek Warwick4032%159
18Tony Brooks255.51.3%38
19Mark Blundell1890.9%63
20Innes Ireland1830.9%50
21Peter Collins177.70.9%33
22Mike Hailwood1630.8%50
23Mike Spence1530.8%36
24Jonathan Palmer1370.7%85
25Tom Pryce128.50.6%42
26Roy Salvadori1220.6%47
27Paul di Resta1210.6%59
28Jackie Oliver850.4%50
29Piers Courage850.4%29
30Stuart Lewis-Evans700.3%14
31Peter Arundell640.3%11
32Richard Attwood600.3%16
33Bob Anderson590.3%25
34Cliff Allison550.3%17
35Trevor Taylor520.3%29
36Peter Gethin510.3%30
37Vic Elford510.3%13
38Brian Redman490.2%13
39Mike Parkes460.2%7
40Reg Parnell430.2%6
41Ron Flockhart370.2%14
42Ken Wharton360.2%15
43Johnny Dumfries340.2%15
44Chris Irwin340.2%10
45Jack Fairman260.1%12
46Bob Gerard250.1%7
47Peter Whitehead240.1%11
48Brian Henton230.1%33
49Tony Brise230.1%10
50Henry Taylor230.1%9
51John Miles200.1%15
52Alan Brown180.1%9
53Mike Beuttler170.1%29
54Jackie Lewis170.1%10
55John Taylor160.1%5
56Rupert Keegan150.1%33
57David Hobbs150.1%6
58Allan McNish140.1%17
59Martin Donnelly140.1%15
60Ian Burgess140.1%19
61Dennis Poore120.1%2
62Julian Bailey100%16
63Guy Edwards100%15
64Horace Gould100%16
65Eric Thompson100%1
66Jolyon Palmer90%37
67Derek Bell80%14
68Bruce Halford80%9
69Geoff Lees60%11
70Lance Macklin60%15
71Peter Walker60%4
72Duncan Hamilton60%5
73Cuth Harrison60%3
74Brian Shawe Taylor4.50%2
75Justin Wilson40%16
76Jonathan Williams40%1
77Tony Marsh40%4
78Alan Stacey40%7
79John Barber40%1
80Bob Evans30%11
81David Purley20%11
82Alan Rees20%1
83Eric Brandon20%5
84Ken Downing20%2
85David Hampshire20%2
86Tim Parnell10%4
87Rob Schroeder10%1
88Chris Bristow10%4
89Joe Fry0.50%1
90Anthony Davidson00%24
91Perry McCarthy00%6
92Kenny Acheson00%9
93Stephen South00%1
94Tiff Needell00%1
95Desire Wilson00%1
96Tony Trimmer00%5
97Andy Sutcliffe00%1
98Ian Ashley00%9
99Damien Magee00%2
100Mike Wilds00%7
101Dave Morgan00%1
102Jim Crawford00%2
103Richard Robarts00%4
104Roger Williamson00%2
105Chris Craft00%2
106Peter Westbury00%1
107Robin Widdows00%1
108Chris Lawrence00%2
109David Prophet00%2
110Ian Raby00%7
111John Rhodes00%1
112Alan Rollinson00%1
113Brian Gubby00%1
114John Campbell-Jones00%2
115Keith Greene00%5
116Gerry Ashmore00%4
117Brian Naylor00%7
118Mike Taylor00%2
119David Piper00%3
120Vic Wilson00%1
121Arthur Owen00%1
122Ivor Bueb00%6
123Colin Davis00%2
124Peter Ashdown00%1
125Bill Moss00%1
126Dennis Taylor00%1
127Paul Emery00%2
128Bernie Ecclestone00%1
129Dick Gibson00%1
130Tom Bridger00%1
131Les Leston00%3
132Mike MacDowel00%1
133Colin Chapman00%1
134Desmond Titterington00%1
135Archie Scott-Brown00%1
136Ted Whiteaway00%1
137Kenneth McAlpine00%7
138Tony Rolt00%3
139Leslie Marr00%2
140Don Beauman00%1
141Leslie Thorne00%1
142Bill Whitehouse00%1
143John Riseley-Prichard00%1
144Jimmy Stewart00%1
145Ian Stewart00%1
146Tony Crook00%2
147Rodney Nuckey00%1
148George Abecassis00%2
149Robin Montgomerie-Charrington00%1
150Graham Whitehead00%1
151David Murray00%4
152Bill Aston00%3
153Philip Fotheringham-Parker00%1
154John James00%1
155Geoff Crossley00%2
156Leslie Johnson00%1
157Max Chilton00%35
158Will Stevens00%18
Champions for Great Britain
NrDriverChampionshipsChampionships %
1Lewis Hamilton424%
2Jackie Stewart318%
3Graham Hill212%
3Jim Clark212%
5Jenson Button16%
5Damon Hill16%
5Nigel Mansell16%
5James Hunt16%
5John Surtees16%
5Mike Hawthorn16%

Wins for Great Britain
NrDriverWinsWins %
1Lewis Hamilton6223.2%
2Nigel Mansell3111.6%
3Jackie Stewart2710.1%
4Jim Clark259.4%
5Damon Hill228.2%
6Stirling Moss166%
7Jenson Button155.6%
8Graham Hill145.2%
9David Coulthard134.9%
10James Hunt103.7%
11John Surtees62.2%
11Tony Brooks62.2%
13John Watson51.9%
14Eddie Irvine41.5%
15Johnny Herbert31.1%
15Mike Hawthorn31.1%
15Peter Collins31.1%
18Innes Ireland10.4%
18Peter Gethin10.4%

Podiums for Great Britain

Fastest laps for Great Britain
NrDriverFastest lapsFastest laps %
1Lewis Hamilton3816.7%
2Nigel Mansell3013.2%
3Jim Clark2812.3%
4Stirling Moss198.4%
4Damon Hill198.4%
6David Coulthard187.9%
7Jackie Stewart156.6%
8John Surtees114.8%
9Graham Hill104.4%
10James Hunt83.5%
10Jenson Button83.5%
12Mike Hawthorn62.6%
13John Watson52.2%
14Tony Brooks31.3%
15Derek Warwick20.9%
16Richard Attwood10.4%
16Mike Hailwood10.4%
16Innes Ireland10.4%
16Eddie Irvine10.4%
16Jonathan Palmer10.4%
16Brian Henton10.4%
16Jackie Oliver10.4%

Location of Great Britain

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