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The formula 1 points overview of France. The nation view provides the overview of all F1 drivers from that nation. The F1 points, F1 championships, F1 wins, podiums and fastest laps achieved.

Nation overall stats overview
StatTotalAverage / Grand prixAverage / Driver
Fastest laps870.0331.208
Total grand prix2640-36.7

Driver points for France
   Nr   Driver   Total points   % of nation points   Total GPs
1Alain Prost2464.524.9%202
2Jean Alesi103310.4%202
3Jacques Laffite9199.3%179
4Rene Arnoux691.57%151
5Patrick Depailler5515.6%95
6Patrick Tambay4814.9%119
7Olivier Panis4274.3%158
8Didier Pironi4154.2%72
9Jean Pierre Beltoise3633.7%87
10Maurice Trintignant3473.5%84
11Francois Cevert3223.2%46
12Romain Grosjean3163.2%104
13Jean Behra242.52.4%53
14Jean Pierre Jarier2362.4%138
15Louis Rosier1291.3%38
16Henri Pescarolo1031%58
17Philippe Streiff1001%54
18Erik Comas940.9%63
19Philippe Alliot930.9%112
20Robert Manzon800.8%28
21Eric Bernard790.8%47
22Jean Pierre Jabouille640.6%52
23Jean-Eric Vergne510.5%58
24Johnny Servoz-Gavin400.4%12
25Yves Giraud Cabantous320.3%13
26Yannick Dalmas300.3%33
27Philippe Etancelin280.3%12
28Jean-Christophe Boullion250.3%11
29Olivier Grouillard250.3%58
30Sebastien Bourdais22.50.2%27
31Andre Simon180.2%12
32Francois Hesnault160.2%19
33Guy Ligier120.1%13
34Raymond Sommer120.1%5
35Elie Bayol100.1%7
36Pierre Levegh80.1%6
37Jacques Pollet70.1%5
38Mike Sparken60.1%1
39Eugene Chaboud50.1%3
40Pascal Fabre40%12
41Paul Belmondo20%25
42Jean-Marc Gounon20%9
43Jules Bianchi20%34
44Michel Leclere10%8
45Charles Pic00%39
46Franck Montagny00%7
47Stephane Sarrazin00%1
48Franck Lagorce00%2
49Pierre Henri Raphanel00%2
50Jean Louis Schlesser00%2
51Patrick Gaillard00%5
52Francois Migault00%15
53Gerard Larrousse00%2
54Jose Dolhem00%3
55Francois Mazet00%1
56Max Jean00%1
57Jo Schlesser00%1
58Bernard Collomb00%6
59Jean Lucienbonnet00%1
60Andre Guelfi00%1
61Francois Picard00%1
62Jean Lucas00%1
63Roger Loyer00%1
64Marcel Balsa00%1
65Guy Mairesse00%3
66Henri Louveau00%2
67Aldo Gordini00%1
68Georges Grignard00%1
69Eugene Martin00%2
70Charles Pozzi00%1
71Esteban Ocon00%9
72Pierre Gasly00%3
Champions for France
NrDriverChampionshipsChampionships %
1Alain Prost4100%

Wins for France

Podiums for France

Fastest laps for France

Location of France

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