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The formula 1 points overview of Colombia. The nation view provides the overview of all F1 drivers from that nation. The F1 points, F1 championships, F1 wins, podiums and fastest laps achieved.

Nation overall stats overview
StatTotalAverage / Grand prixAverage / Driver
Fastest laps120.14
Total grand prix120-40

Driver points for Colombia
   Nr   Driver   Total points   % of nation points   Total GPs
1Juan Pablo Montoya82599.5%94
2Roberto Guerrero40.5%26

Wins for Colombia
NrDriverWinsWins %
1Juan Pablo Montoya7100%

Podiums for Colombia
NrDriverPodiumsPodiums %
1Juan Pablo Montoya30100%

Fastest laps for Colombia
NrDriverFastest lapsFastest laps %
1Juan Pablo Montoya12100%

Location of Colombia

The nation overview shows statistics based on the drivers who are from the selected nation.
  • On top the nation / country statistics for all time and based on all drivers are provided. Detaiing total points, wins, podiums, fastest laps and grand prix.
  • The pie chart provides the overview of the contribution of total points for all drivers of this nation.
  • The table below shows the points they have achieved in their career and the percentage of points achieved of the total nation points.
  • Next the overview of F1 champions, wins, podiums and fastest laps are provided.