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The formula 1 grand prix view provides results of the GP based on the selected F1 points scoring system and the fastest lap driver. In combination with the circuit location on Google maps.

Grandprix results of Germany - 1966
1Jack BrabhamBrabham2515
2John SurteesCooper1815
3Jochen RindtCooper1515
4Graham HillBRM1215
5Jackie StewartBRM1015
6Lorenzo BandiniFerrari815
7Dan GurneyEagle614
8Peter ArundellTeam Lotus414
9Mike SpenceTeam Lotus0 (not classified)12
10Jim ClarkTeam Lotus0 (not classified)11
11Chris LawrenceCooper0 (not classified)10
12Ludovico ScarfiottiFerrari0 (not classified)9
13Mike ParkesFerrari0 (not classified)9
14Denny HulmeBrabham0 (not classified)8
15Jo BonnierCooper0 (not classified)3
16Bob BondurantBRM0 (not classified)3
17Bob AndersonBrabham0 (not classified)2
18John TaylorBrabham0 (not classified)0
19Guy LigierCooper0 (not classified)0
Fastest lap by John Surtees (Cooper)

Grandprix of Germany - location: Nurburg - circuit: Nurburgring

This views shows the results of a specific GP.
  • (not classified) means that the driver did not complete at least 90% of the laps of the race winner and therefore is not eligible for points.
  • Selecting one of the other points scoring systems allows to view the result based on that points scoring system.
  • Laps indicate amount of completed laps.