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The formula 1 grand prix view provides results of the GP based on the selected F1 points scoring system and the fastest lap driver. In combination with the circuit location on Google maps.

Grandprix results of Spain - 1979
1Patrick DepaillerLigier2575
2Carlos ReutemannTeam Lotus1875
3Mario AndrettiTeam Lotus1575
4Jody ScheckterFerrari1275
5Jean Pierre JarierTyrrell1075
6Didier PironiTyrrell875
7Gilles VilleneuveFerrari675
8Jochen MassArrows475
9Rene ArnouxRenault274
10Riccardo PatreseArrows174
11Emerson FittipaldiFittipaldi074
12Jan LammersShadow073
13Patrick TambayMcLaren072
14Hans Joachim StuckATS069
15Niki LaudaBrabham0 (not classified)63
16Hector RebaqueTeam Lotus0 (not classified)58
17Alan JonesWilliams0 (not classified)54
18Elio de AngelisShadow0 (not classified)52
19Clay RegazzoniWilliams0 (not classified)32
20James HuntWolf0 (not classified)26
21Jean Pierre JabouilleRenault0 (not classified)21
22John WatsonMcLaren0 (not classified)21
23Jacques LaffiteLigier0 (not classified)15
24Nelson PiquetBrabham0 (not classified)15
25Derek DalyEnsign0 (not classified)0
26Arturo MerzarioMerzario0 (not classified)0
27Gianfranco BrancatelliKauhsen0 (not classified)0
Fastest lap by Gilles Villeneuve (Ferrari)

Grandprix of Spain - location: Jarama - circuit: Circuito Permanente del Jarama

This views shows the results of a specific GP.
  • (not classified) means that the driver did not complete at least 90% of the laps of the race winner and therefore is not eligible for points.
  • Selecting one of the other points scoring systems allows to view the result based on that points scoring system.
  • Laps indicate amount of completed laps.