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Nelson Piquet
Starts: 206
Wins: 23
Podiums: 60
Fastest laps: 22
Country: Brazil
Date of birth: 17/08/1952
Wikipedia: Nelson Piquet

All time driver rank for Nelson Piquet per points scoring system
Points systemRank*Total points*Average points / GP
25 points system - 2010 - 2017 excluding 20141316728.12 (ranked 26)
25 points sys + last GP 2x - 2014 - 20141317698.59 (ranked 25)
10 points system extended - 2003 - 200912678.53.29 (ranked 26)
10 points system - 1991 - 20028507.52.46 (ranked 24)
9 points system - 1961 - 19909484.52.35 (ranked 24)
8 points system extended - 1960 - 19609461.52.24 (ranked 25)
8 points sys + fastest lap - 1950 - 19599476.52.31 (ranked 24)
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Career stats for Nelson Piquet
Total GPs20616
Average wins / GP0.1118
Average podiums / GP0.2928
Fastest laps2212
Times world champion*36
Best position in a grand prix1 -
Driver in current seasonno -
First season of driver1978 -
Last season of driver1991 -
Number of seasons driving in formula 1 1415
*note: the total amount displayed here is the actual number of championships achieved. Not based on the selected point scoring system.

Teams for which Nelson Piquet has competed
1Benetton1990, 1991
2Brabham1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985
5Team Lotus1988, 1989
6Williams1986, 1987

Season team battles outcomes for Nelson Piquet (includes partial season battles)
Wins201x - Alessandro Nannini 1990
1x - Corrado Fabi 1984
1x - Francois Hesnault 1985
2x - Hector Rebaque 1980, 1981
1x - John Watson 1978
1x - Manfred Winkelhock 1984
1x - Marc Surer 1985
1x - Michael Schumacher 1991
1x - Nigel Mansell 1987
1x - Niki Lauda 1978
1x - Ricardo Zunino 1980
2x - Riccardo Patrese 1983, 1982
2x - Roberto Moreno 1990, 1991
2x - Satoru Nakajima 1988, 1989
1x - Stefano Modena 1988
1x - Teo Fabi 1984
Draws21x - Bruno Giacomelli 1978
1x - Ricardo Zunino 1979
Losses71x - Brett Lunger 1978
1x - Harald Ertl 1978
1x - James Hunt 1978
1x - Nigel Mansell 1986
1x - Niki Lauda 1979
1x - Patrick Tambay 1978
1x - Riccardo Patrese 1987

Wins for Nelson Piquet
119803x - USA West (Brabham), Netherlands (Brabham), Italy (Brabham)
219813x - Argentina (Brabham), San Marino (Brabham), Germany (Brabham)
319821x - Canada (Brabham)
419833x - Brazil (Brabham), Italy (Brabham), Europe (Brabham)
519842x - Canada (Brabham), USA East (Brabham)
619851x - France (Brabham)
719864x - Brazil (Williams), Germany (Williams), Hungary (Williams), Italy (Williams)
819873x - Germany (Williams), Hungary (Williams), Italy (Williams)
919902x - Japan (Benetton), Australia (Benetton)
1019911x - Canada (Benetton)

Fastest laps for Nelson Piquet
119791x - USA East (Brabham)
219801x - USA West (Brabham)
319811x - Argentina (Brabham)
419822x - Austria (Brabham), Germany (Brabham)
519834x - South Africa (Brabham), Italy (Brabham), Monaco (Brabham), Brazil (Brabham)
619842x - Canada (Brabham), San Marino (Brabham)
719867x - Mexico (Williams), Australia (Williams), USA East (Williams), Hungary (Williams), Canada (Williams), Brazil (Williams), San Marino (Williams)
819874x - Mexico (Williams), Hungary (Williams), Brazil (Williams), France (Williams)

Seasons where Nelson Piquet is world champion.

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