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You have arrived at the formula 1 points do-it-yourself section! Here you can make your own custom selections on the F1 data. More options and views will be added over time, please let me know what you would like to see.
In this section you can select a specfic period and view the F1 drivers and the F1 points they achieved in that period based on the selected points system. So if you only want to see a specific part of a season, for instance when a certain driver started or you want to see what happened in a certain era you can make that selection here.

Start season
Grand prix

End season
Grand prix


The custom period allows you to select your own data range and view the statistics for that period.
  • You can use this view to see what happened since a certain driver joined or for instance to compare drivers within a certain era or time period.
  • Select a start date (season and grandprix) and an end date (season and grandrpix) and click view.
  • Note; in the end season field you can also enter 'today' to have the range go until the latest finished grandprix.
  • This provides a list of the drivers and the points they achieved in the selected range for the selected points scoring system.