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Did it make a difference?

Through the history of formula 1 seven different systems have been in use. In general the idea behind changing it, has been to either make it fairer or to spice up the action. Especially the changes in recent years have had the latter goal in mind. The question we are going to address this time is: would it have made a difference?


In other words what is the impact of the different point systems when compared next to each other for a specific season? This site is centered on the ability to compare drivers over time using the different point systems. I have analysed the different outcomes per season based on the different point systems.


The best

The first post on this site can be only about one topic: who is the best driver of all time?


Answering that question off course means comparing all drivers that have ever competed in Formula 1. Full well knowing that this is the most prickly question one can imagine when discussing Formula 1; it wouldn't hurt to have an objective look at what the numbers do tell us about this subject... which is, not entirely coincidentally, exactly what this site enables us to do. Read more...