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The origin of this site.
Looking for an idea to start a new project, I stumbled upon the all-time points list on They indicated that they are no longer updating the all-time points list, because it wouldn't make sense to compare drivers over time with all these different points scoring systems going around. A search on the web did not lead to a source which actually maintains this kind of comparison. And a new quest was born :-)

The result is this site. A fully dynamic view on every F1 driver and team in F1 history. All possible combinations of all grandprix results and all points scoring system ever in use within Formula 1.

Off course there is an all time ranking list. To boot there is also a season section. The possibility to drill down to driver and team level and view their career statistics. An analysis section with different takes on the data. A section specifically focused on champions, as championships in the past had their own set of rules on top of the points scoring system. For the patriots there is a section to compare nations. And for the enthusiasts a custom-section to create your own take on the data.

This site is not merely an informative source for 'f1-stats-junkies'. I also tried to polish it and go all out in features, design and details, also those which might be less obvious to the passing visitor.

You can discover some interesting insights on the site, but the most prominent is perhaps the observation that all the changes in the points scoring systems over time, rarely would have changed the championship outcome. There are some notable exceptions like 2008, 1999, 1997, 1983 though one cannot not factor out that a championship would have run another course under a different points scoring system. In any case enjoy and let me know what you think!

New features will be added over time, so do please come back from time-to-time!
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Version history - covering the major updates:
- v1.0 November 2012: base version of the site with all time, season and driver comparison options.
- v1.1 December 2012: added analysis section for an average points per GP driver comparison.
- v1.2 February 2013: added analysis section for podium and wins per GP driver comparison.
- v1.3 April 2013: added google maps grand prix location feature.
- v1.4 April 2013: added analysis section for comparison on cumulative total points achieved.
- v1.5 May 2013: added responsive design (try resizing the browser!).
- v1.6 December 2013: added GP results, fastests lap overview and career stats to driver page.
- v1.7 January 2014: added proposed 2014 points system with two times the points for the last GP.
- v1.8 May 2014: by popular demand - added (season) normalized points overview in analysis section.
- v1.9 July 2014: further optimization for mobile and tablet use.
- v2.0 October 2014: added blog section including first post.
- v2.1 January 2015: added season progression section including interactive (and responsive) chart!
- v2.2 February 2015: added interactive charts to all-time and driver career view.
- v2.3 April 2015: added all time records view in the analysis section and sortable tables.
- v2.4 May 2015: new logo!
- v2.5 June 2015: added champions season section with championships calculation based on PSS.
- v2.6 June 2015: added champions all time section with championships calculation based on PSS.
- v2.7 August 2015: host of optimizations; with a focus on updates for mobile like whatsapp integration.
- v2.8 Oktober 2015: by popular demand: added head-to-head driver comparison.
- v2.9 December 2015: added driver bio details and picture.
- v3.0 December 2015: added easy season comparison to compare against original PSS in place during season.
- v3.1 January 2016: improvements to head-to-head comparison, o.a. stats specific for competing seasons.
- v3.2 February 2016: added nations section. Compare total points across countries.
- v3.3 February 2016: added nations average points / driver section. Compare countries on average points / driver.
- v3.4 February 2016: added nations wins & podiums section.
- v3.5 March 2016: added nations average points / GP and fastest laps section.
- v3.6 March 2016: extended and optimized individual nation pages.
- v3.7 April 2016: added nations champions section.
- v3.8 May 2016: extended individual nation-page with champions, wins, podiums and fastest laps data.
- v3.9 May 2016: optimizations for mobile; amongst others responsive tables.
- v4.0 July 2016: graphs added throughout analysis section. Added average fastest laps per GP section.
- v4.1 July 2016: Improved sharing options and usability. Improved layout on additional info (large screensize only).
- v4.2 August 2016: added new custom section with 2 new views: select a specific grand prix and select a specific period.
- v4.3 August 2016: added new option to provide feedback (on the right side of the screen) for new ideas and bugs.
- v4.4 August 2016: added option to subscribe to mailinglist to receive mail update when new features are added.
- v4.5 October 2016: added teams! Starting with the all-time view and the team view.
- v4.6 November 2016: added seasons for teams. And updated seasons for drivers with team information.
- v4.7 December 2016: added team battles on season for drivers.
- v4.8 January 2017: added many features to driver (e.g. teambattles and teams) and team (e.g. points / season and 1-2 finishes) sections.
- v4.9 February 2017: Completely new design! With focus on improved mobile experience.
- v5.0 March 2017: Added point progression graph for driver view and team view. And achievements per driver in team view.
- v5.1 April 2017: Support option added.
- v5.2 April 2017: By many request added points simulator. Go create your own point system!
- v5.3 May 2017: Updated points simulator with non F1 PSS and teams simulation. And each of the analysis sections with the team views.
- v5.4 May 2017: Added new deep dive section time for historic overview of points distribution on F1 constructors.
- v5.5 June 2017: Added new deep dive section points in time drivers for historic overview of points distribution on F1 drivers.
- v5.6 July 2017: Added new deep dive section outliers for takes on historic outliers of F1 drivers and constructor achievements.
- v5.7 August 2017: Added new outliers sections podiums, fastest laps and GPs. And expanded all-time ranking stats in career for drivers.
- v5.8 September 2017: Added new simulator section points & position simulator, allowing you to simulate any season outcome.

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